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by Andy Jones

Notcomplex.com is live!

16 Oct

A long time coming….

They say the best things come to those who wait, well we have certainly waited long enough to put our brand new website live.

We started Not Complex back in the summer but from the minute we opened our doors we were inundated with work, this meant our site always got put on the back burner. We can’t complain we love working with all our amazing clients it just meant we neglected doing our own website.

It’s a really weird experience attending to meetings with potentially huge clients, telling them how amazing our team is and not having a website of our own. They do tend to look at you funny after a while. Luckily we had other work to show off in order to wow our new clients.

Enough was enough. Late one night a few weeks ago the team decided that it’s just something we needed to get done, we stayed late after long days of client work and consumed far too much caffeine. This allowed us the time to put the wheels in motion and get going.

The Design Process

First job was to sit down decide which road the design was going to go down, we settled on a clean, spacious and minimal user interface. Our name is Not Complex after all. We then moved onto the palette, as the designer on the project i’ve always loved using clean colours but subtly combining them with bright accent colours. We used big fonts in order to make the website simple to read and easy to guide your eye round. The heading font is Montserrat and the body font is a large version of the lovely Merriweather Sans.

Now lets build this baby

Our developers set to work on the build of the website. We decided to give the Skeleton framework a test run on this website. To be honest, we hated it. Won’t be using that again in a hurry. The devs ended up creating more work by using this framework than they would of by building it from scratch. It’s built to work responsively on all media devices, we feel it’s crucial in this day and age to be able to consume your media on all devices.

The whole site design and build took around 3-4 weeks of designing and building while juggling it around our current client projects, time well spent we think.

What do you think about think about the website, send us any feedback you have to hello@notcomplex.com good or bad we would just love to hear off you.

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  • Thobias


  • benmacadam

    Your site design is inspiring and I enjoy the full page fly-out menu. Great color combinations and illustrations.