Mysql not working on Mamp

by admin

Fix mySQL Mamp

14 Nov

It happens from time to time. You start up mamp to work on a local version of a website and the mysql won’t load. This will prevent you from doing anything with a local website relying on a database such as WordPress.

The first time it happened I played about for a while, even reinstalled it. Nothing. Then I found out there is two ways to fix it.

Novice way:

Quit mamp and then go to Apple > System Preferences > Activity Monitor. You want to force quit any processes with mysql in the name. Then restart and your mamp will work like new.

Advanced way, well not that advanced really:

Quit mamp, open up the terminal and type: killall -9 mysqld now restart mamp and it will work like a charm.

See it really is easy to fix, I remember the first time it happened to me I spent ages looking for a fix.

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  • Simon Thomas

    Real developers wouldn’t be using MAMP to start with as its for children.
    They would be using a Linux box or virtual machine.
    There is your real problem.

    • Not Complex

      Hi Simon Merry Christmas! Thank you for taking time to comment. We use MAMP for hosting local websites before uploading them, it is merely preference. However since to become a real developer we need to use a Linux Box or Virtual Machine we will start using them straight away. #simonsays